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XTECH Explosive Decontamination Incorporated and sister company, XTECH Environmental Solutions Incorporated, provide total solutions for the management of explosives and explosive waste.

XTECH is a trusted leader in providing turn-key solutions to hazardous materials issues. Proactive problem solving provides the highest guarantee of success for each project; our solid core of expertise garnered from 25 years of industry-specific initiatives. Our Client base includes Federal, Provincial, Municipal governments, First Nations, industry and private land-owners. We are confident that our team of experts are capable of fulfilling your requirements with customized solutions and look forward to hearing from you.

XTECH Explosive Decontamination offers a focus on military munitions and unexploded ordnance. Site assessment, risk analysis, detection, excavation and disposal provide cradle to cradle solutions for the re-use of land affected by military use.

XTECH Environmental Solutions ensures surplus and obsolete explosive disposal is provided at a licenced facility. The certification process for each item secures the guarantee of chain of custody and confirmation of destruction. Customized services provide a wide-range of options to meet both industry-specific and regulatory requirements.



Founded in 1994, XTECH provides unexploded ordnance and explosive waste management. Proudly Canadian, we are a family owned corporation. Through a solid core of expert staff, XTECH offers expertise in the cradle to cradle management of military and industry explosives and explosive waste.

XTECH was founded by Mr Robert Enman, a retired Canadian Forces Captain commissioned from Chief Warrant Officer with a depth of expertise that directly contributed to the evolution and standards of the North American UXO Clearance Industry. His legacy continues with the succession of the business by a trusted and expert team.

A second-generation, family owned business, XTECH is proudly served by Mr Enman's two eldest daughters who have each been involved in the business for nearly 25 years. Ms Deanna Enman leads as President & Chief Executive Officer, specializing in strategic consultation, risk assessments, financial evaluations and project planning. Ms Melanie Enman serves as Vice President and Corporate Security Officer and is integral to data acquisition and field operations. On staff is Mr Eric Carter, former Chief Inspector and past Head of the Chemical Weapons Demilitarization Branch for the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Mr Carter provides technical expertise to XTECH's operational facets and directly oversees our disposal facility. XTECH’s remaining core senior personnel possess extensive technical and field experience, and are among the most experienced and qualified in the industry.

Through the commitment of our personnel, XTECH’s team ensures our corporate goals will continue to be exceeded. XTECH’s results oriented approach will ensure Client goals will be met with excellence.

Mission Statement

XTECH's primary goals are to provide a safe, quality and efficient means of managing explosives and explosive waste.

The red threads to achieving our goals are integrity, interaction, and integration.



XTECH Explosive Decontamination Incorporated provides Military Munitions Response for the remediation of former and active military sites and ordnance. We specialize in the management and the hands-on execution of unique projects relating to Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) and Ordnance & Explosive Waste (OEW). XTECH offers a solutions-based approach to UXO problems, drawing on 25 years of industry-specific project experience. Our expertise includes a total solutions package for management, assessment, statistical sampling, data acquisition, clearance and disposal of UXO and explosive related items.

XTECH’s organizational capacity is capable of responding to projects requiring varied levels of resources; the quality of our personnel is integral to our ability to mobilize teams responsive to the size and complexity of the task.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT, QC & SAFETY: Our Project Management experience is successful for both on-site and remote or virtual management applications. Our proven skills managing complex projects are a result of our staff's management training, experience and years of direct involvement in the UXO industry. Our team has a 25 year legacy of high-quality work done safely, and an ongoing mandate to perform as an industry-leader in the performance and completion of work.

HAZ-EX SYSTEM: Our armoured excavator is designed to remediate munitions related waste sites in a safe and efficient manner. An industry first, XTECH’s ballistically armoured Catepillar 315B is fully converted to biofuel for environmentally responsible operations in sensitive terrain or near-shore aquatic situations. The system can be deployed in stand-alone or integrated configurations. In stand-alone configuration, our armoured excavator provides targeted removal requirements. It supplements manual efforts in situations such as rocky or frozen ground, ice or near-shore, or for at-depth requirements, Integrated with additional heavy equipment, the mechanical screening haz-ex system provides safe operations for pit clearances or extensive below surface contamination. The haz-ex system has been deployed to solve UXO-specific challenges as well as to support safe environmental or archaeological investigations within UXO impacted lands.

DATA SYSTEMS: XTECH utilizes a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform with fully integrated Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) data collection capabilities which permits us to track and verify all stages of development throughout the project life. Our GPS and GIS expertise ensures that project-specific requirements are met with fully customized systems development. XTECH's expertise in electromagnetic data collection technologies is garnered from years of practical experience in challenging environments, in large-scale data collection and for sampling and assessment purposes. XTECH offers detection solutions for UXO over a variety of terrain conditions on land and underwater.


:: project management :: risk assessments :: strategic consultation :: expert reviews ::

:: EM surveys :: GPS :: armoured excavator & mechanical screening operations ::

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XTECH services extend to offer disposal and certified destruction of surplus, time-expired or obsolete explosives. Uniquely positioned in Western Canada, XTECH Environmental Solutions offers a licenced disposal facility in Alberta in support of oil & gas, mining, construction and military operations.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has enacted stringent regulatory requirements for the storage, stockpiling and disposal of explosives items. XTECH is fully compliant with these requirements, is licenced and insured, and undergoes NRCan annual site inspections.

XTECH is the leader in industry best practice and offers customized, responsive solutions to its clients. Please contact us to arrange disposal programs for your company. 


:: Natural Resources Canada licenced :: customized disposal services :: fully insured ::

:: surplus, time-expired, obsolete explosives or explsoive waste ::

:: satellite monitored & secured :: chain of custody verification :: certificates of destruction ::


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